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Jisc Regional Support Centres work with more than 2,000 UK learning providers helping them to improve performance and efficiency through the use of technology. 

We provide advice and support, share good practice and facilitate collaboration to help solve your everyday challenges and achieve your strategic objectives.


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  • In Brief Webinar – Top 10 Tips for 10 percent (1 of 3) 07 Oct 2014 This term we will offer practical tips, tools and strategies for addressing the challenges posed by the Government supported FELTAG recommendation “the inclusion in every publicly-funded learning programme from 2015/16 of a 10% wholly-online component, with incentives to increase this to 50% by 2017/2018.”
  • Teaching Toolkit Workshop No 9 - mobile accessibility tools 09 Oct 2014 The latest in our popular series of Teaching Toolkit Workshops will be a hands-on session focusing on how to use several online mobile apps to support accessibility, including: virtual assistants Siri vs Cortana (as well as the Android version), Talking Goggles and Word Lens.
  • Web-scale IT: A Technical Overview 22 Oct 2014 A technical overview of web-scale IT and the benefits for the education sector.
  • In Brief Webinar – Top 10 Tools for 10 percent (2 of 3) 04 Nov 2014 ‘I am enabled and empowered to use technology and online resources to support my learning’ has been added to Ofsted’s Learner View survey. This second In Brief session will offer practical tips, tools and strategies for addressing the challenges posed by this statement and the Government supported FELTAG recommendations for online learning
  • In Brief Webinar – 10 percent and Beyond (3 of 3) 02 Dec 2014 This final webinar in our series will explore strategies for addressing the challenges posed by both Ofsted's new statements in the employer view Survey and the Learner View Survey, as well as Government supported FELTAG recommendation to move towards greater online learning content where applicable.
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