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Offering a wide range of knowledge and expertise, from strategic planning to staff development, Jisc RSCs play a vital role in enabling learning providers to turn their ICT ambitions into reality. Jisc Regional Support Centres (Jisc RSCs) support learning providers across the UK in the effective use of technology.

Working with designated providers across the wider FE and HE sectors, Jisc RSCs are a national support network, uniquely tailoring advice in response to local needs.

The Jisc RSC Northwest is led by Lancaster University through the Information Systems Services department, and is based in Bailrigg House at Lancaster University.

The North West region covers providers based in the counties of Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Greater Merseyside and Cheshire.

Jisc RSC Northwest Annual Event

Find out more information and book on from our events page.

Events RSC Northwest events feed

  • CPD Forum 28 Apr 2014 Those of you who attended the CPD Event in February, and indicated you would like to be a member of the CPD Forum; completed the "Proposed CPD/SD/PD4P Forum" Form, and indicated you would like to be a member of the CPD Forum will get an email with a link to the booking form. Tweet: #CPDForum
  • SMILT Forum 6-May-14 06 May 2014 Bi-yearly forum for supported learning providers in the Greater Manchester area. An opportunity to share good practice and discuss hot topics.
  • Teachmeet Oldham 06 May 2014 This Teachmeet is a free event primarily for Further Education practitioners to share, learn and collaborate with their peers.
  • Getting Started with Augmented Reality 12 Jun 2014 Augmented Reality (AR) is the capability to superimpose digital information onto the real world. The growing use of multifunction devices in teaching means AR has the potential to be used for creating and supporting visual and highly interactive forms of learning. This event will introduce you to AR platforms and ideas for how you can make practical use of this technology. Follow the fun #RSCNWAR
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