19 Jul 2013

Jisc RSC Northwest hosts and organises a number of forums for different groups such as MILT/LILT (Merseyside and Lancashire ILT), Digital Literacy, SMILT (Super Manchester ILT), Access Northwest, Data Managers and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). We aim to set up these forums two or three a year and they help you to network with staff from other learning providers, share best practice in the use of technology. Funding and regional events are disseminated through these groups. If anyone is interested in joining any of these forums please contact the RSC Northwest. In the last month we have run two of these forums, the MILT/LILT and Digital Literacy forums. We are interested in setting up forums in Cheshire and Cumbria so if you are a learning provider from these regions and interested in hosting a forum in your organisation please contact Anita Holt


Northwest Digital Literacy Forum

The second meeting of the Northwest / Yorkshire and Humber Digital Literacies Forum was hosted at the University of Huddersfield on the 8th July.

Dr Liz Bennett Course Leader for the MSc Multimedia and E-learning at the University of Huddersfield lead a session to explore how staff can be supported to be more digitally confident. She asked us to consider our attributes, practices, skills and access to technology in relation to our role as a digital practitioner.

Alison Sharman, Academic Librarian at University of Huddersfield, spoke about the Social Reading project at the University of Huddersfield. The projected aimed to facilitate the collaborative highlighting and annotation of an electronic text using tools such as eMargin, Yammer, Readmill etc.

For the last hour delegates were asked to consider Digital Literacy Staff Development both from a personal and an organisational perspective. They finally shared their experiences looking at seven elements of DL: being safe in a digital environment, finding, evaluating & applying information, using digital tools, understanding social responsibility, showcasing achievement, awareness & management of digital identity and collaboration in education, community & work life.

For supporting materials and more information about the forum please visit -

If you are interested in joining this forum please contact Anthony Beal

MILT/LILT Forum (Merseyside and Lancashire ILT Forum)

The MILT/LILT forum was hosted at Preston College on 10th July.

All participants started off by discussing how they deal with data management. This ranged from using SharePoint to WordPress to Moodle. Discussions included what each platform is used for, the benefits and any issues of each particular platform. Information was also shared regarding upgrades for each platform and tips shared on how to best go about this.

Paul McKean from Bolton College spoke about The Teach Meet event that the College is having on the 21st September. This event will host 2 or 7 minutes presentations aimed at FE delivery staff to share their practice and experiences. 50 places will be available. For more information follow @moodlemckean and/or the hashtag #feforfe.

Anita Holt, the RSC eLearning Adviser who was chairing this forum discussed the RAPTA tool. This tool is a self-assessment tool, for the use of technology against the CIF criteria. There will be more information about this tool in our August e-bulletin. Anita is delivering training sessions on this tool so to find out more about this contact

A discussion took place on how staff development is offered and delivered, the timings, the structure, drop in versus booked, personalised versus topics.

Finally the use of iPads in teaching and learning and VLE Strategies were shared between the group.

If you are interested in joining this forum please contact Anita Holt

SMILT Forum (Super Manchester ILT Forum)

The date for the next SMILT forum has already been set for 17th October 2013. If you are interested in joining this forum please contact Judy Bloxham and keep an eye out on the Events page of our website for more information.

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