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  • Moodle User Group: October 22 Oct 2014 Moodle: Designing for Online Learning
  • In Brief Webinar – Top 10 Tools for 10 percent (2 of 3) 04 Nov 2014 ‘I am enabled and empowered to use technology and online resources to support my learning’ has been added to Ofsted’s Learner View survey. This second In Brief session will offer practical tips, tools and strategies for addressing the challenges posed by this statement and the Government supported FELTAG recommendations for online learning
  • Digital Literacy Forum: RSCs Northwest and Yorkshire & Humber 5 November 2014 05 Nov 2014 The focus of this forum is to create a range of activities to support and assess learners towards digital fluency.
  • Excellence in Learning Resources Forum 14 Nov 2014 There has been an increased impetus to focus on the digital capabilities of staff in light of the FELTAG recommendations and library staff are playing a key role in supporting curriculum to achieve a blended delivery approach to learning. This free forum will showcase how library staff at Kirklees College are supporting academic staff and will provide an opportunity to share best practise with peers from across the region.
  • Strategic Approach to Developing the Online Learning Offer: a Practical Forum 18 Nov 2014 FELTAG recommendations state that every public-funded learning programme should have a 10% wholly-online component from 2015/16. This forum will be a workshop format and will address the staff culture, motivation and team-work required when developing an online programme in the organisation.
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